Batardeaux/travaux dans l’eau
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Batardeaux/travaux dans l’eau


A cofferdam is a temporary structure or enclosure designed to allow dewatering, diversion or damming of an enclosed area. The primary purpose of a cofferdam is to control the water in order to create a dry environment for a project/ in water works.

The NoFloods Cofferdam is based on the same principles and use the on-site water to fill the tubes. As the tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the dam is installed in a controlled manner to create the cofferdam. Using the NoFloods Cofferdam is an effective and cost-efficient solutions to ease works of excavation, installation, building or simply cleaning out.

The NoFloods cofferdam can be used for all major types of water control situations:

DEWATERING: Dewatering, unwatering and water control are common terms used to describe the removal or drainage of ground or surface water, typically on a construction site. Dewatering is often required before subsurface excavation for such things as foundations, shoring, cellar space and repairs to existing water structures.

DIVERSION: Temporary re-routing of water. It may be required to initiate a project and/or allow a project to proceed.

DAMMING: Damming is the process of creating a barrier that holds water back. The barrier may be needed to maintain water table levels, collect water for storage and prevent water from crossing established/safety thresholds.

You can find more information on the NoFloods Cofferdam here

NoFloods - Preparation of dam on riverbank                       NoFloods - Controlled roll out across river                     NoFloods - Finished installation of the NoFloods dam